Urban artist Travis Herberger paints in watercolors. One of the most appealing aspects of his work is its unpredictability, with some parts being painted wet and others dry. This makes each painting unique and fills it with different colors for a more eye-catching visual effect that he enjoys about this medium. He often includes people into his paintings because they reflect the space where he lives – urban settings are full of color! Travis prefers to keep certain elements rather than remove them from a picture to “pretty” up its composition.

Travis Herberger has been participating in a local sketch group for 5 years. He is currently the vice president of it. He loves to drawing as well as painting. But he does many different mediums such as oil and acrylic paint on canvas, commissioning other artists to do paintings when needed.

Travis experienced a lot of travel as he was growing up, so his paintings have reflected this. He has sold watercolor works all over the world for marketing materials and apparel. Some of these opportunities include posters on show banners, magazines covers, and other merchandise!

Paintings of Travis Herberger

Herberger’s Atelier

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